Collada file with multi-layres-textures

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Collada file with multi-layres-textures

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I'm creating 3d viewer for openstreetmap data. I would like to export result of my program into blender. I was thinking about using collada files for data exchange. But in my program I'm using opengl with multi-layer-textures. So for example windows are created using texture over layer on wall. I have problem with creating working collada file with multi-layres-texture. So I tried to create simple model in blender, export it and import to see how it is done. But it seams that blender can't export/import that model correctly. It is possible to import into blender collada files with multi-layer-textures? Do you have any working example how it can be done? If not what is the easiest way or data format to import models from my program into blender?

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