Asymmetric sculpt

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Asymmetric sculpt

Post by Powsen »

Hello everyone!
First, I warn you that you will probably see several mispelled words or wrong conjugation, but I'm trying to be understandable ^_^

I'm having some issues with the sculpt mode, as you can see on the screenshot:
You can compare it to the hand which is not "destroyed":

Well, I tried to fix it in many ways like:

- cutting the mesh in half, in Edit mode (he's not retopologized) and using Mirror modifier = I would have to restart all the sculpting.

- apply the "Multiresolution" modifier, cut in half and apply a Mirror. The problem is that having a mesh subdivided (5 times) is not handly for making a retopology. (plus, I have to separate the body from the head, the head using a "Sub 6". So, if I use this method, I will not be able to reattach the head and the body.)

- cut the "bad hand", use a Mirror on the other hand. Didn't work because, even if I change the faces in edit mode (or I remove / add them), the sculpting deformation is still here.

I really need help, I'm trying to fix it for the last month ;_;
Thank you in advance to those who will answer.

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