Emit in Blender 2.5 in Linux Mint

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Emit in Blender 2.5 in Linux Mint

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Hi, I am a one month old newbie in Blender. I created some design of a starship, but I don't know how to add indirect lights. I was loooking every movie at Youtube, but they are using Windows (sic!)

In this modell:

I just want to add some lights that will look awesome in my render. Just like in some Star Trek LCARS panels, but ...

every time I minimize Ambient and give emit to 0,1-0,2 it is not working in Blender Render. I was looking also for a way to find Renderosity since I remember it from 3D Studio Max from past 5 years, but I cannot find those controls too.

As for making normals outside, I don't have a clue how to make them visible in my view, so I am blind and make them fip outside, but I don't know if there is any difference.

I was trying everything at first on a cube.

Any ideas how to do it i Linux?

Many big hugs and thanks. Blender is still awesome!

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