bf-blender / Windows (2004/01/15)

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bf-blender / Windows (2004/01/15)

Post by jesterKing » Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:10 am

Todays CVS Build:

This CVS build has been obsoleted by a newer build ...

Again, this is build with the SCons, using MSVC7 as the compiler. It has TTF, International, Quicktime and OpenAL support compiled in. There is still no game-engine, but we hope to get it enabled at some point, though (keep the faith! and test/explore other features in the meantime). The build has been scanned for viruses and is found to be clean.

Number of commits since previous build:
* 14 commits
* last commit 2004/01/15 05:06:24 CET

Tthe relevant parts from the CVS commit logs:

* (bug fix) metaball Correction to scale calculation on Metaballs, provided by Jiri.
* (bug fix) render Fixed crashing border render in unified render.
* (bug fix) interface Missing zoom limit in certain spaces readded.
* (progress) interface Hourglass not shown when not necessary.
* (bug fix) interface view3d menu fixed.
* (progress) yafray YafRay option tweaking in progress.
* (bug fix) interface Preview windws, cube enlarged, and fixed texture orientation.
* (bug fix) blender raytrace Raytrace speedup fix eliminates errors in simple scenes.
* (progress) interface Python script menu support, so scripts can register with Blender.
* (bug fix) interfaceObject > Copy Attributes menu items crash fixed.
* (progress) displacement New way of controlling displacement: disp slider added, still influenced by nor channel.

How to get a python script registered (small example):

Code: Select all

n: 'Hello World'
g: 'Import'
t: 'This script does nothing special'

print "hi!"
Make sure you set the Python path in your user preferences, and it must not end in a trailing slash (I have e:\blenderdev\cvs\builds\newest\scripts ). The above small example show as 'Hello World' in the import menu.

Warning: clicking an item from the import menu crashed my system using this build.

This CVS build has been obsoleted by a newer build


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Post by rafael » Thu Jan 15, 2004 11:10 am

Thanks again for the build, jesterKing! :D
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Post by Monkeyboi » Thu Jan 15, 2004 6:54 pm

Thanks for the build, it is exelent to be able to test updates on a daily basis!

The python scripts in menus crashes for me aswell. I use Windows2000. It seems to be very nice though if it worked. It is easy to set up etc, and the fact that they are added when loading up Blender is fabulous! This way you don't have to import specific python scripts mid-project. The only thing is it only seems to be able to add stuff to the Export, Import and the new Misc menu in the scripts window. What if someone made a scipt that created funky primitives? That would want to go into Add>>Mesh.

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Possible bug in Local View Mode

Post by dgebel » Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:41 pm

(Local View is the mode when you hit the "/" key to show only the selected items.)

It looks like zoom's auto-sizing calculation when you enter /-mode is checking for the WIDTH of the window instead of width & height. If the Blender window is too wide compared to high, you can't see most of the selected objects.

Tested with Windows XP, I believe W98SE as well. In fact, I think this problem has long existed - so maybe its just a "feature", but its an annoying one!

Set the Blender window to occupy about the middle 50% of the screen.
Open a clean .blend
Ctrl-Cursor-right to get to the multi-windows view.
Select the box.
/-key into "View Selected Mode"
The view is zoomed in about 50% too far to see most of the box.
Zoom out a bunch.
/-key out of "View Selected Mode"
/-key back into "View Selected Mode"
The zoom is back to "way too close" again.

The top windows work ok.
The bottom window window is hard to use.

I noticed because my Blender window is usually fairly short & wide compared to the screen, and its not in full screen mode.

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Post by jesterKing » Fri Jan 16, 2004 7:57 am

This CVS build has been obsoleted by a newer build

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