Blender sometimes not OpenGL cull friendly

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Blender sometimes not OpenGL cull friendly

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Stable Release 2.68a: Blender sometimes does not generate faces that withstand culling (both with my opengl engine with cull CW and CCW and blenders culling).

Manually replacing the faces fixes the issue however this is a little annoying and I thought I would just let the blender developers know so they can evaluate whether it is worth fixing.

I will also point out it could be my fault manually placing in faces with the wrong order (clicking on the vertices in the wrong order (although that is a guess I don't know how blender works)).

Since I revived a thread from a few months ago that was created by someone with the same issue that I just solved I will not go into extra detail (sorry if I broke forums rules or anything but the post in that category seemed to be neglected):

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