eyes controller by V.C

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eyes controller by V.C

Post by poutsa » Mon Jan 26, 2004 10:02 pm

Eyes Controller:
is a Construction with Emptys and Lattices to animate Eyes..by Cagiaoglou Vassilios.
You can find the Download under Blend Files Autor:Vassilios Cagiaoglou.

http://www.zoo-logique.org/3D.Blender/i ... nload.php3

You can also Download the other files: AnimBackroundDolphin,
Diving Dolphin,CherrysWindyDay,VertexPaintGirl,ToonShading,......!

I Hope you enjoy the Files and hope you can use this.... :D

*You can Append the Eyes Controller Construction in your Projects:Append-Objects-Select all.
If you grab the Center Point Empty you can move all the Eyes Contr.Contruction.
See Instructions in Blend File....!!!
Please send Comments...Thanks.


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