VSE feature requests regarding AUDIO

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VSE feature requests regarding AUDIO

Post by unfa »

I'm working a lot with sound (I'm a music producer) and I make videos with Blender.

One thing I have to do most workarounds with is the sound system.

There are several features that would greatly improve the workflow:

1. Add a VU meter. Make it a stereophonic master output meter with peak/RMS display (like the one Audacity has) - having a VU meter for every audio strip would be nice too;
2. Add a LADSPA effect rack that can be applied to the master output or any audio strip OR at least add a controllable brickwall limiter to the master bus (Fast Lookahead Limiter is a good plugin I use all the time);
3. Make crossfade effect strips work with audio too;
4. Get rid of opacity/blending settings in audio strips and put loudness/pan/effects in their place;
5. Enable changing parameters for all selected strips (display waveform, blending) not just the active one. Many times I need to make 20 strips display waveforms for syncinc, and I have to needlesly repeat my actions to achieve this while it could be done with two clicks (maybe a SHIFT key holded while pressing a checkbox could propagate the change to all selected objects?)

There are some things that I think would help us making videos with Blender :)
Do you agree with these? Or maybe these features are already done?

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I'm with this person

Post by Thesneak »

My request is pretty much the same.
I would like it if the data from audio could be viewed in the graph editor like the color graphing is. Nothing serious, just the wave form, or even just a point graph to edit nodes against. The draw wave is pretty good, but seeing how the current time line cursor already runs in the graph, and the volume pan and pitch nodes can be edited there, if I could see the wave form and be able to use the already great zoom in range, it would go a long way toward syncing 3D models and videos to the sound effects. This should be do-able seeing how it is already calculated when you draw wave form in the track. This one function could really create powerful video editing capabilities and help create superb syncing.

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