Tuhopuu / Windows (2004/02/01)

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Tuhopuu / Windows (2004/02/01)

Post by nozzy » Sun Feb 01, 2004 7:57 pm

This is a old build, check newer posting

Compiling smoothly again, here you go :)


Check the logs for updates:

New features

Added a buttons panel to edit_buttons for UV calculation.
This also extends the users choice,
how the spherical and cylindrical mapping is oriented
in relation to the 3D view.
Further more it makes the nasty popups for the numerical values
"cubemapsize" and "radius" obsolete.
There was a problem calling the UV calculation function from another window, which was also the reason the UV entry was taken out of the header menu.
Since the new code has fixed that, the menue entry was enabled too.

Added a 'CHROMADEPTH' button to the mesh buttons (near the draw
faster/slower stuff). This button colors the vertex colors of a
mesh during rendering based on the nearness of verts to the
camera. Closest verts are red, and the colors gradually vary through
orange, yellow, to green for the furthest verts (should probably
also vary on to blue). This gives a 3d effect when using Chromadepth
glasses (get the high definition kind, not the standard ones).
This was done in a bit of a kludgy way so let me know if there are
any problems.

Here is an example of a rendering of a mesh with the CHROMADEPTH


Added per face "lines" drawmode. To use it, you have to enter face select mode and enable the Lines button in the Texture Face panel for every face you wish to display as wireframe.
Works in both Enji and Ketsji, but only for meshes. Can be used to set some objects to wireframe mode while in potato mode. Uses vertex colors and textures.

(BETA) ToonGL drawtypes. OpenGL silhoutte rendering of objects.
5 modes selectable with the drawtype widget, toon edge width
selectable. Only implemented for meshes with displists thus far.

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Post by bjornmose » Mon Feb 02, 2004 9:32 am

nozzy, thanks for sharing a build from tuhopuu CVS tree.

found that another feature accidentially slipped into my latest patch:

On the header bar of the image editor there is a new icon button,
the one with the "chains" on it, which toggles "sticky vertex node selection"
: RMB selects all UV nodes belonging to a vertex in the mesh.

i uses the "chains" symbol (should stay reserved to constraints) since until now i could not manage to create a new one.

BTW the header bar of the image editor gets overpopulated in "UV face select" and "texture paint" mode (with image loaded). I feel this should be redesigned.


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Post by nozzy » Mon Feb 02, 2004 12:48 pm

bjornmose wrote:nozzy, thanks for sharing a build from tuhopuu CVS tree.
No probs, your doing some great stuff with the UV editor, keep up the good work :)

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