Tooltip major bug and suggested tooltips...

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Tooltip major bug and suggested tooltips...

Post by LukeW » Tue Feb 03, 2004 7:19 am

(I wrote this in December for the Blender functionality mailing list) ... 01609.html
In the raytracing build of blender in Windows 2000 at least [and Blender 2.32], the tooltip sometimes appears below the mouse pointer so that you can't read it properly. Otherwise in Windows, this never happens.

Also, the placement of the tooltip is relative to the button you hovered over... normally in Windows, the tooltip's placement is relative to the mouse pointer's location. I think Windows' method is better. The reason for that is that it means that the tooltip appears in a predictable place relative to the mouse pointer and it makes sure that the tooltip is always pretty close, but not too close to the mouse pointer.

As an example of this problem with blender, hover the mouse over the lower-right corner of the "RENDER" button. For me at least, the middle of the tooltip is covered by the mouse pointer. Now if you had moved to the left side of the "RENDER" button instead, the tooltip would appear in the same place, but no longer be covered by the mouse pointer. The tooltips on buttons like 5, 8, 11, and 16, and most of those on the right side (PAL, NTSC, etc) always have the tooltip underneath the mousepointer, while many others have the tooltips covered a lot of the time.

Here's how Windows places the tooltips:
If the mouse pointer isn't too much to the top and/or right of the screen, the bottom-left corner of the tooltip is made to touch the pointy bit of the mouse pointer. If the mouse pointer is so far to the right that the tooltip would be partly cut off if displayed normally, then the tooltip is shifted to the left. If it is at the top of the screen (or the top of the window, even when the window's top is at the bottom of the screen(!)) then the tooltip is shifted below the mouse pointer.
Now, about some specific tooltip changes:

The Buttons window:
I think the hotkeys for the buttons (F5, F6, etc) should be shown like in Blender 2.28.

World Buttons:
HoR, HoG, HoB -> should talk about the horizon, not the zenith.

Well that's all for now.

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