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How about visibility?

Post by E2CMonkeyboy » Sat Feb 21, 2004 7:47 am

Goto blender3d.org - then come back to blender.org - where are newbies told to download blender? blender.org - where are they told to find answers - Elysiun.com - which relatively looks nothing like blender. I believe the problem with the "new" .org era is that the blender.org site is WAY too inviting and the blender3d.org and Elysiun sites are....bland. Blender.org has exciting posts of news and tutorial advertisements from magazines and money coming in from EU... I don't see as many ( X created new vertex ordering routine - go check it out...)

Which brings me back to this topic - the trolls - and I'm one too aparently - are attracted like moths to a flame with the blender.org site. Also, many open source software use the format of X.org is the one stop shopping site. There is no "user .org site" usually - and I believe the linux community started that and its sort of a defacto standard - perfect example is sourceforge.net. So don't be mad at us trolls - make it more obvious - put a big TROLL go here -------> to the user site Button smack dab on the front page of blender.org.

Last point - goto blender3d.org the choose support->tutorials the select the "oldsite" database of tutorials and tell me where you end up ( esp. if you are a newbie )


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Post by sten » Sat Feb 21, 2004 12:18 pm

if you look up to the left, there's a button named "community" I don't know if it is not clear enough...but for me it is there... :)

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Post by joeedh » Sat Feb 21, 2004 12:29 pm

Maybe the forum index page should say something like "Please direct all usability questions to Elysium.org". . .


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Post by ton » Sat Feb 21, 2004 1:23 pm

Behind the scenes (but will be presented for discussion here soon) a redesign proposal for the sites is being made. This based on all feedback we got, during conference but also here on forums, including remarks as E2CMonkeyboy points at.

What we have now (blender.org, blender3d.org) was very quickly assembled after the sources became open. It served its purpose, but is far too limited. We can do so much better!

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Post by jd-multi » Sat Feb 21, 2004 6:04 pm

Yep indeed, and that's why I'm working hard on a resource website, I've already got some designs on my pc, little html code, and someone will donate a monitor, and a pentium 1 to me for a webserver. Next to that, I received some hubs, and network cables to get started. All I need now, is making a website that use FTP, to enable Blender users uploading there works or projects. Well the first year I want to be Game Engine related, and afther 1/1,5 year I want to get slowly into modeling and rendering too. So I've got the idea on paper here, and organising is on there way, the only problem I have now, is, that my room in the summer is too hot for a pc. My AMD pentium 4 like pc shut down a several times because it was overheated. Well I've got a uncle and some Ict friends who have got a huge knowledge about computers.

I can't tell when it's online, but I'll report it as soon as possible when it is. 8)

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Thanks a million

Post by E2CMonkeyboy » Mon Feb 23, 2004 8:11 am

Ton, I've witnessed the blossoming of blender since the 1.6 series and am still a frustrated user - so I can wait like the rest of the folks to hear what the new manual is like - then go and purchase based on a sound recommendation.

You more than anyone has made this all happen and I admire your continued quest to create and improve blender to what it will be. I can only imagine that there are ton's of Web gurus lurking your forums - why not put a "project request" in the "Project Openings" tab to have someone help - rather than bog down someone on the coders team - I know - I know - behind the scenes decision has been made - but there are huge amounts of people that want and can help....


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