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Post by Douwuhhh »

Damn, my girlfriend is on vacation for 4 days, she usually is at home with our daughter, and guess what...the mailman comes round with my Blender manual and Gamblender I have to wait till 10 in the morning again to pick it up at the post-office...

Location-wise: Eindhoven, The Netherlands....(I guess posting things in The Netherlands is prioritised! :? )

Now I'm gonna sleep very quick.....

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Post by FoxMan »

FraceR wrote:I got mine in today as well it's good. Found a few spelling mistakes though :wink:

Only thing is, I haven't got a CD with it... :cry:
You're not the only one with that problem. I didn't get a CD with the guide and so did some other people. ... &start=180

But the guide look real great. I've only browsed a little bit, but I as I said on Elysiun: "This book seems to be what it should be: The Ultimate Blender Resource on paper."

PS. My location: Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

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Post by sten »

mail to or to Ton himself, and tell that you didn't get the CD rom, just some few manuals were without...and if you mail about it the response should be fairly quick!

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Post by Arathorn »

S68 wrote:Oh!

Which Browser are you using? It worked fine on our test machines...
dotblend, do you have the same problem?

For resolution of the animation, well, it is the resolution the Artists provided us with :)

I did it with MyIE2, wich is a browser on the IE shell. I get it with pure IE too, 6.0 on XP.
It's not a very big problem, everything is accesible from the cd in explorer.

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Post by dmoc »

Yipee! Got mine! First in the UK? Resisting the urge to spend the whole day reading it but from what I've seen so far... excellent!!! This is looking way better than the crappy manual supplied with lw. Well done to everyone involved in creating it. :D :D :D

PS: It says on pg 14 that the full text will be available on this site. I'm very happy that everyone will have access regardless of whether they can afford the book or not. This can only be *A GOOD THING* for blenders future.

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Post by leinad13 »

I got mine too, in UK. Mine was left on my front steps though, and it just started bucketing down with rain. Good job i came home when i did. I posted my thoughts over in the Announcements forum on elysiun if anyone is interested.
Over to you boffins


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Waiting ...

Post by cgosch »

argh ... nearly dying ... need ... manual ... ;-))
As you can see, mine did not arrive yet (germany)


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Post by Shifter »

Just got mine (germany). It's incredible to see a community developing such a great book.

Sadly the bad quality of most of the screenshots render most of the book useless. The animation/rigging part, for exp., is not usable at all. Ton already said that there is going to be a reprint soon. Since I'm not going to use this book solely as a reference (yes, there is still a lot new that I need to learn), I really need a version with decent screenshots.

Is there any way that you could provide an electronic version FAST !?!
I don't want to have to replace the book (since the idea was to support the Blender-Foundation) and would go ahead and print the needed pages myself.



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Post by gabio »

what? is that bad? mean you only see with squares???

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