Walkcycle Problem?

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Walkcycle Problem?

Post by poutsa » Sun Jun 13, 2004 2:07 am

..whats up?!!

i have a Problem with the Walkcycle for my Character!!

The Problem is........read this:

The Walkcycle is already done, and the Armature of my Character is Parent to a Path (lenght 100).My Walkcycle is 90 frames long!
In the Ipo Window for the Curves for Action(Walkcycle) i use
Extend Mode: Cyclic for all the curves Selectet.
In the NLA Window i Convert the Keys for my Walkcycle Action to a NLA Strip and i Press the N button for the Transform Properties and i also select the follow Buttons:Use Path(on) Stride:43, Action and Strip Start:1,and for Action and Strip End: 90 frames, because my Walkcycle is 90 frames long.
So my Problem is when i Start the Animation my Character follows the Path Correct because i set the Option Curve Path and Path lenght:100 in the Editing Buttons for my Curve and the Walkcycle is also correct the only PROBLEM IS:The Walkcycle dos`nt Continius Cyclic
bud he Stops to Walk after 90 Frames so when i change the Path Lenght to 500 as example i have the same Problem! The sync button i also not Activatedin this case..!
So my Question is why my Character Stops the walkcycle after 90 frames and he Walks only one time??
What i forgot to do.!!?
I have the same Problem to when i have a walkcycle 40 frames long(the Animation Stops After 40 frames) ??

Can some one Help me and sorry for my English i hope you understand what i mean!!



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Post by malefico » Wed Aug 04, 2004 3:36 pm

You probably still have your walkcycle action selected in the Action Editor. Unlink your action from the armature so the NLA takes control of it. Actions in Action Editor will always override any NLA animation.

BTW, 90 frames for a cycle ????!!!!

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