Easier acces to Python scripts

Scripting in Blender with Python, and working on the API

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Easier acces to Python scripts

Post by LeHomard »

Is there any way to be able to put links to Python scripts directly in the Blender interface ?

There is this script window with a menu where there are a certain number of import and export scripts. Is it possible to just write a script and then put a link in that menu ? And what's the "misc" empty sub-menu ?

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Post by ElBarto »

To register a script to a menu you need to add this at the beginning of the script:


""" Registration info for Blender menus:
Name: 'NameOfYourScript'
Blender: 233
Group: 'Help'
Tip: '...YourToolTipHere'

At the latest CVS built groups could be:
Animation, Import, Export, Generators, Help, Materials, Misc, Modifiers, Tools, UV and Wizards

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