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I'm Willing to Help Code

Post by philovivero »

If anyone thinks it's possible to code up some modifications to metaballs to create metamuscles and other metabodyparts, I would be willing to help. Tell me what files to edit to achieve what goals, and I'll do my best.

I'm not a great coder, but I speak C and am mathematically competent enough to get books and figure it out if it comes to that.

I would really like to model humans using objects similar to how actual muscles, bones, and fatty deposits really work. I think that the easiest, best first step would be implementing classes of blending (must be able to avoid letting hand melt into shoulder).

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Idea for non interacting metaballs

Post by LetterRip »

Here is what I emailed to Jiri, no idea if it would work.

an idea occurred to me for accomplishing the goal of having specified metal balls not intereact with each other.

Say we have metaballs A, B, and C and want two pairs of action

AB, and BC.

What we do is create two scenes (or data structs, or whatever)

One with AB, one with BC. Then for our render we merge B with itself (basically we make a list of which points are the same and which differ. For ones that differ we either average the location (or weight by an influence algorithm) or just use the location for which ever meta should be dominant.

Tom M.

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Post by theeth »

Just name the metaball objects different. Metaball groups are implicit based on base name (meta, meta.001, meta.002 all work together).

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Interaction between metaballs

Post by jiri »

you aren't first, who has this idea. But it would be very very hard to code. It is hard to explain why, because it requires deeper knowledges about polygonisation algorithm.

Thanks for interest.


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Post by LetterRip »


but still need a method for blending B belonging to both AB and BC.

Thanks for the hint regarding the naming tho. Thats another nice, but non obvious feature.

Tom M.

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