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Are you interested in asset management / version control for blender?

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File Management Plugins

Postby arinfein » Mon Nov 11, 2002 10:21 pm

Has anyone ever thought about providing asset / file management plugins for blender? I'm interested in writing a plugin for alienbrain but I'm not sure how to best capture the necessary file events such as open and close. Any ideas out there? Python event handlers? Or do I have to go at the source code itself?

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Postby unperson » Tue Nov 12, 2002 1:40 am

Maya has this cool ability to track changes to a scene/model in a tree and you can go back to anywhere in the tree . Something along those lines would be a nice addition. It seems it should be possible to integrate Blender and CVS so that we could have this capability. It should probably be done in memory - a tree of diffs so that you can go back in time to any change without using a lot of space for complete blend files - and then the last N changes (user configurable) committed to disk when the session is closed.

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Undo with CVS?

Postby arinfein » Fri Nov 15, 2002 11:09 am

I think that's something that should be handled in Blender itself since exporting every change to a version control tool would:
- be very slow
- create a lot of data
- be unusable since the would be too much to "commit"

My thoughts were more on the line of references and global changes (file versions)

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