Improving Blender Through Collaborations...

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Improving Blender Through Collaborations...

Post by Panther » Sun Mar 09, 2003 12:10 pm

Hi there,

As a 'Non-programmer', I thought that I could help the development of Blender in a different way.

Collaborations are usually the way forward for most companies / organisations, allowing the general work-load to be shared.

Please find enclosed a list of URL's for possible collaborations...

'Game Engine' collaboration... - Good physics engine !!! - Good game engine, adding networking support ( something sadly missed in Blender ) !!!

'Render' collaboration... - Good ( if slow ) ray tracer !!!

'Audio' collaboration... - Good audio engine ( better integration with this would definately be beneficial ) !!! - Potential audio platform !!!

'General' collaboration... - Check out the new 'Shader Language' for OpenGL 2.0 !!! - Potential multimedia platform !!! - Alternative to the proposed OpenGL 'Shader Language' !!!

Hope you find the above useful :wink:

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