How it's going on Slackware Linux

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How it's going on Slackware Linux

Post by lholt » Tue Nov 26, 2002 2:37 am

Trying real hard to learn a bit about Blender, and I think I like it. Fun stuff, but a few problems.
I've got 3 versions and all are broke one way or another. Here's what I got for a machine:
1Ghz Intel P3 Coppermine
Mother Board
Gigabyte GA-6VX7B-4X , VIA Apollo Pro AGP chipset, 4X agp video
640 megs ram
Display Card ATI rage 128 Pro 32 megs ram
Monitor ViewSonic VG181 LCD

Linux 2.4.5 Slackware 8.0 iso download
upgraded kernel to 2.4.7
gcc version 2.95.3 20010315 (release)
glibc 2.2.3
make 3.79.1
perl 5.6.1
python 2.0
Mesa 3.5

I work as root and use csh shell

Bought the Offical Blender Book ($50 on Amazon) and the CD has v2.03
Blender 2.03 seems to work except for the tool tips. No big deal, but the menus look a bit sparce. The render window seems to get lost sometimes

Blender 2.23b binary download from this site. Can't load libarays from other blender files.

Autoconsficated Blender 2.25 source tree. won't compile. use make -i and got a binary which segfaults
on any text in a file or when adding text. Says something about unexpected end of type1 file. This is the latest from roseta.

The make error complained about not finding libGLU so I did

./configure --x-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib/
which is where mesa put it and it still didn't fined it

So I'm slowly learning a bit about blender. If somebody will suggest things to try I'll work on getting 2.25 going om my box and pass the info back. Then maybe I can help cleaning up some of the bad types and pointers in the code. I can write a bit of C but make files make my head hurt. I'm retired with lots of time.

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