Slow down in blender with to many moving obects

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Slow down in blender with to many moving obects

Post by ben999995 » Mon Jan 13, 2003 1:22 pm

I have been creating a world for my game i might decide to properly make and used a lot of ipo's and actions for the objects in the world. This caused blender to slow down a lot even if any one object on the screen. IS there any way someone could change it to make it so that it only counts whats on screen and not everywhere. and if there are moving obejcts behind hills and to not count obejcts that are hidden. Maybe this could be added as blender did not allow me the have very many moving objects such as trees swaying. Even if only one tree was on the screen.

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Post by joeri » Mon Jan 13, 2003 7:32 pm

What can I say?
This is a very good idea.
There is a fun project that has the old game engine made by Ton, which has a sector system (small parts are on, other invisible parts are off) and has a collision system for moving objects.


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