Taping the conference

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Taping the conference

Post by joeri » Mon Jun 27, 2005 11:42 pm

I hope to do a better job this year, I'm not sure yet that I will be doing it at all though.

One of the points that could improve the taping is tapping the audio from the PA. Also, endless taping of what's onscreen does not make alot of sense. Specialy with highres powerpoints that get converted to half PAL movies.

If all the presenters could leave a copy of their presentation at the BF in A'dam then we could use thoose slides and movies, and keep the camera taping on the persons giving the presentation. This ofcourse needs cooperation of the presentors, please make a copy of your presentation and give that copy to the BF.

Also,... last year their where 3 different parties taping everything. I found it a real shame that there was no co-operation.
Maybe this year some people can help me out.

Last year I made mpeg and divx, the divx was a last moment thing, but was downloaded and ordered alot more than the mpeg.

This year I want to try to tape everything digital. The sound and the video. That way I don't need to convert all the DV tapes to DV files before editing.
Another issue is what todo with 1280x1024 powerpoints on half PAL anyway? Maybe it's better to go for flash as release format.
Or have the presentation slides with the audio as flash and only edited movies that show the atmosphere?

What do you think?

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Post by Javawocky » Tue Jun 28, 2005 12:17 am

Great Idea to start a post around this. All you comments on improving will be great - especially if you can get some other dudes together who were filming to help you out with other camera angles etc.

Could the speakers not perhaps be supplied lapel mics? the onese that stick with the speaker? This would be the best IMO. Cost my be prohibiting, but they may be someone out there who has one of these to lend, or maybe the venue can supply one.

As far as the powerpoint goes, its a difficult one, you would probably want to include them in a video, but I for one would not like to have a static slide show with audio - I want to see the speakers - as ugly as they might be :) - But where possible the pp slides should be downloadable as well.

Another point, maybe the speakers (if you are reading this) should try make there slides simpler so they can be displayed on TV ok, but I am sure this would be difficult to co-ordinate.

Thanks for you time in downing this cause its great for us people who can't afford airfair.

Also, I don't know if this was done last year, but have you thought about creating a DVD which can be sold in the Blender shop - to cover your costs and time and bring some cash to support Blender?

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Post by joeri » Tue Jun 28, 2005 9:52 am

The speakers already have/had a microphone. It's more an issue of hooking it up to the video camera (immobile) or connecting a dedicaded computer for instant grabbing. This just means an extra computer and somebody to press 'record'. I was thinking that maybe a grab software could grab slides and capture the audio from the speakers microphone.

This would mean the camera is free to tape the speaker.
Different angles is maybe overdone for something like this?

I did the selling of the conference dvd's in the e-shop last year.
They only cost money, even at a price of $10,= per piece.
Stamp prices are crazy! And don't forget 3 days 8 hours 2 rooms = 48 hours of video. That does not fit on a video dvd :) It could fit if it would be flash or powerpoint on a dvd rom. But we only sold about 20 dvd's.

And making them was much work, because of the idea that people could pick their own mix. Now if it would be only one dvd then that would be much easier. Also to download and burn yourself. Again then: how to put 48 hours on one dvd (only audio, nice slide show, flash video ?) Or just the highlights, or vote on "best of conference"?

Last year we choose to do bitTorrent. On one hand I'm very in favour of bitTorrent, the trouble downloading the files show how much our community wants to share .... :( So that is the bad side; apparently it's not possible to keep the video's available truw support of the community.

But I don't think it fair to expect from the BF to spend so much bandwith on serving video's (eating the bandwidth away from sotware download).

I'm not sure what todo about that. Maybe we can make a list of servers where I can upload one video to and spread the server load this way?
I would still make an index list on blender3d.org.
We would need to agree on some expire date maybe?

Any more ideas?
On what you enjoy about the video's and what you hate about them.
What format you'd prefer etc. etc.

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Post by kidb » Tue Jun 28, 2005 10:25 am

joeri wrote: But I don't think it fair to expect from the BF to spend so much bandwith on serving video's (eating the bandwidth away from sotware download).
You have my Emailadress.

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Post by macouno » Tue Jun 28, 2005 11:48 am

Yes get the audio from the pa.... that's simply the only good way to do it... and you can probably get ambient noise from the camera in the room also.

I would however advise you to go for something a bit more simple/solid for the audio recording.... for quick/effective/simple on site recording I usually advise people to go with a minidisk recorder. They simply work. The audio quality won't be "perfect" but it'll be fine.

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Post by kakapo » Tue Jun 28, 2005 1:32 pm


how about offering the videos there? i am not 100% sure yet what google video really is about but to me it looks like it could be a better solution than offering the videos with bittorrent. i guess google has enough bandwidth. :)

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Post by joeri » Mon Jul 04, 2005 9:49 am

I have a dat ercorder, nice machine, works fine.
But after taping 24 hours I need to digitize 24 hours (filecopy sortof) to my pc. That's why I'm thinking of taping it on a pc. (or ibook, or another instrument that will make a file out of it).

Does anybody know any good audio recording software that can tape chunks of 1.5 hours? (Or feel like writting one?) Or a whole day in chunks of .25th of an hour?
It must be something agressive, that wants to record, and not something that wants to pop-up a message asking for stuppid convermations.

And I rather not record it in mp3, 'cause I think that woud make editing harder (although I'm sure about m2v, I'm not sure same goes for mp3).

I have no idea on what kind of file sizes we are talking here.

Any ideas?

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