skeletal model for articulated body in Blender

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skeletal model for articulated body in Blender

Post by kotteli » Mon Jul 04, 2005 10:39 pm

I want to work with human model ,so I build one hierarchy
for all human joints. This means one IK Chain
If exists IK Solvers in Blender that could solve such complex chains? :?:
If not
So may be it possible to construct IK Chains form elements that is IK chains By them self. ? :?:

Also (and this is extremely important )

If I take the end point far away from the joint that must enter this end point
(far away means : that to get to the end point we will have to move many parts of the body)
(In this case we will have many degrees of freedom in the solution)
There could be many possible ways to get to the end point
(many different combinations of bones transformations).
Is there some way to get all the possibilities using Blender ? :?:
Or may be Blender have some core functions to do this?

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