Some animation system proposals

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Some animation system proposals

Post by pildanovak » Sun Jul 24, 2005 8:54 am

Hi, as working with the animation system, I found out that some little changes might help the animation process:

the arrowkeys with CTRL currently jump always by 10 frames. But often, it would be fine to adjust this step to the step which you are currently animating in. Maybe some little option in the editmethods?

It would be great to have the ability to collapse more objects to a single line in NLA- together with actions, and enable to convert any animation to action scripts. I know this is probably being worked on.

Being able to display the path of the object - this can be done with the Dupliframes option, but... if the path would display as a cuve(with vertices as frames, same way as 3dsMax does it), it would be much easier to notice pops, jumps etc., because if animating a complex mesh, you just have a chaos with dupliframes.

Also ghosting for armature deformed meshes would be great...(I know, this is about performance...)

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