Documenting New Features and Relating Them to Old Ones..

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Documenting New Features and Relating Them to Old Ones..

Post by thorax » Wed Dec 18, 2002 11:26 pm

I'm trying to come up with an idea for a semi-OOP concept for
documenting features, such that users and programmers, and all those in between, can glean concepts from the userbase, in the interest of
creating reusable abstractions. I'm not trying to OOPify the C source (although it would be good in terms of making coding and modifications easier) but trying to relate ideas people have, so that ideas don't get lost
somewhere in the shuffle of a listserv or a vast chat-database like this..

The idea bounced off one I had that was like using OOP general-speak language like "is-a" and "has-a" to recognize feature relationships and
create a birds eye view of a tree of ideas, so every feature suggestion ever suggested is easily accessible and relatable to others that are similar. This will at least help us recognize what are new ideas and what are
ideas that inherit from existing ones. This way only the most fundamental features (which everything else would rely on) get implemented first, or
can at least be considered. It gives those without an idea where to start
and assessment of the best approach to attacking a problem because
there is this tree of ideas that they can weight and they would all be related concepts. This would be better than having 1000 people over the course of 3 months ask for feature X in many different ways and have to have someone go through and read and relate the ideas.. Why not put some studying into it so that those who suggest the ideas are
doing the studyiong and the programmers just reap the benefits of
being able to locate the concepts quickly..

Maybe I should come up with a prototype..

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