Blender on Dell Axim X50v PDA? Can it be done??

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Blender on Dell Axim X50v PDA? Can it be done??

Post by gamekill »

I own a Dell Axim X50v PDA, and although I already knew about it having a 3D-graphics processor, I had never before seen what it is truly capable of. But now after running some PowerVR realtime demos on it my jaw almost dropped. Dreamcast-like graphics on the palm of my hand! It's graphics chip coupled with the 16MB VRAM installed is currently able to run OpenGL ES stuff, and it seems the new Windows Mobile version brings some Direct3D capabilities to it.

So I have two questions:

1- Can I compile (from Windows XP Blender 2.37 or 2.4) a Pocket PC Executable file for my Blender games?

2- Even better, can someone port Blender to Pocket PC???

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Post by russose »


I am working for a couple of mouth on such a port... I compile Blender after some fights but now, I am fighting with opengl.

I am now working on implementing missing opengl functionnalities for pocketpc. As you probably already know, Opengl ES is only a subset of opengl... but Blender needs all opengl functions. I already run Blender with only opengl and it was really not good! I spent lot of time trying to find a quick solution like compile Mesa (opensource opengl) on pocketpc... it is working but there are problem to solve. And then if Mesa will work... A big work of converting MEsa in fixed point will need to be done.

So I recently took the decision to not follow this direction but to work on an opengl ES basis. So pleople having an Hardware acceleration could take advantage of this port more efficiently.

you can follow this thread for more information :=) ... 3&start=45

I hope I will manage in a finite time this port!

See you :=)


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