I can't bake an armature constrained with an empty

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I can't bake an armature constrained with an empty

Post by Actarus »

Hi everybody, and merry christmas !

I'm animating and armature with an empty linked (IKSolver) to the last bone of the chain.

I would like to "bake" the animation, so that I can remove the empty and the constraint.

So I try the "bake" procedure, and I fail !

I manage to bake my animation with my old blender release (2.34) but it doesn't work with the 2.40 (and probably the 2.37) release.

Can you help me ?

I upload my (little : 25ko) blend file here


If someone can help me, it will be my christmas gift !
(sorry for my poor english, I'm french)

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Constraints bake

Post by scardario »

I have exactly the same problem

I need to get an animation without constraints in order to use it in a game engine, but the bake button doesn't work

I'm working with blender 2.41 (both the download version from the page and the one from the orange DVD)

Does Anyone know how to resolve this?

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