blender 2.25b python documentation?

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blender 2.25b python documentation?

Post by ryu » Sun Feb 09, 2003 11:52 pm

I've found that my exporter python script doesn't work at all with the latest (2.25b) blender version. And the API documentation is outdated. Can you regenerate it, please? It's very difficult to imagine the new API with print(dir(...))
For example, the API docs say that object.getType() returns a string, but I've found that it now returns a number (ok, I finally found that Object.Types.* have constants for them, but the documentation doesn't say anything about this change).

It also would be very appreciated a list of API changes, saying how are done the things in the new API... I got stopped trying to figure out how to access to the vertex list in the new API...

Thank you in advance

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