Some comment about the gamekit book and cdrom

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Some comment about the gamekit book and cdrom

Post by aequitas » Thu Jan 30, 2003 11:38 pm

First thing to say. The book is nice and it is a perfect addition to the 2.0 guide. Again a nice cdrom with files and stuff you can use to create cool blended stuff.

But there are some things that are just not acceptable for a 35 euro book.

There are to many spelling mistakes to let someone believe the book has been checked before printing it. This is very frustating when you don't understand a part of the tutorials and you don;t know if it is your fault or it has just been writen down wrong.

Second is that the cdrom (apart from the virus) has a lot of files with wrong extensions. Some blender files have no or half extensions like .blen.
Of course you can always open them with blender but it just gives me the believe the cdrom hasent been checked at all.

I self have distributed some cdroms in the past which also had many bad files and errors but from a organistion who is offering a product for sale worldwide you could at least expect some more quality.

The last thing i wish to say is that i like the book even with all the things I mentioned above. And i would recomend it to everyone who want to learn gameblending.

Blender is my favorite app alltime but these where just things i needed to say.

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Post by Carnivore » Sun Feb 02, 2003 1:18 pm

k... questions... dumb questions.
don't mind this being my first post ok :)

somewhere i read that the books will be published in march 2003. are the people who pre-ordered the book already receiving them? where is it published? i live in estonia (south of finland, former part of the soviet union, as most people recognize it) and i dont feel like ordering it from the US cause i got screwed by the postal service the last time i ordered something(magazines). Then again, Ton Rosendaal is dutch, isn't he? Basically, how can i order/pay for the book? No company is going to import it, i'm one of (probably) 5 people in estonia who use blender - everybody uses ripped 3dstudio or something else. Probably i can't order it via the internet cause i'm 14 and my parents would never trust e-services :'(. I've got all basic modelling techniques and basic animation and blender is something special for me and i'm really looking forward to creating somethng that users can interact with (e.g. games)

Roald-Henrik Sinissaar

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Post by aequitas » Sun Feb 02, 2003 1:29 pm

I bought the book via the e-shop on the blender3d site. Payment can be done in defferent ways (i used bank account). I think it is being shipped from holland because that had the lowest porto costs for me. (me dutch you know).

I think if you would order it in the e-shop it wouldn;t be a problem with your age. its 13 and above i believe.

Good luck ordering and enjoying it :)


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So i ordered it!

Post by oxy_Be » Thu Apr 03, 2003 10:44 pm

ok, i hope it is a good book to start with blender from nothing... I am used to work in max but i never can pay the giant bill... so blender is for free... :)

I hope i get it soon...

My order nummer is 030327-DEB-2 and i hope i get it soon :wink:

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