How Mesh data + Displacement Data = Animation?

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How Mesh data + Displacement Data = Animation?

Post by dilshod »

I am new to Blender. However, I've used it for several months. I am good at python scripting. I understand basics of Blender.

Ok, let me tell you what I've got so far and what is left to do that I am having difficulties in.

I want to create an animation of mathematical model. I have imported the initial data (9000 triangles). Everything looks good.

Now, I am trying to apply displacements on the vertexes to animate. I want to keep everything as one object because later I might change camera location and coloring, etc. I also wanna be able to apply interpolation if between displacement data because I might not have enough frames.

Would anyone guide me on how I can accomplish this through python scripting, please?


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Post by ascotan »

Maybe you can use an armature and some actions to do the animation.
There is a Mathtuils.slerp() method that maybe will help doing the interpolation.

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