Render prob; 2.41(64) in Linux(Ubuntu) 64bit.

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Render prob; 2.41(64) in Linux(Ubuntu) 64bit.

Post by Ric95 »

I'm trying to track down a problem. In Ubuntu Linux 64 bit, Blender works ok, until I render, then if the render takes more than a few seconds, the render window leaves tracks when moved or stays on the screen when minimised/closed. A longer render locks the whole workspace.
The debug test ends;
*** glibc detected *** corrupted double-linked list: 0x0000000001072560 ***
/usr/bin/blender: line 46: 12112 Aborted blender-bin $@

I think both the Blender version and the Linux version are beta, but if anyone here knows the solution, I'd be gratefull.
Testing done with default starup screen and with Blender benchmark file.
Nvidia tnt2 (updated, other 3d works)
1 GB ram

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