Intro to 3D Class Update

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Intro to 3D Class Update

Postby Pablosbrain » Tue Feb 11, 2003 7:24 am

Just a quick update. I just updated the info on lighting for the 3rd class of my Intro to 3D Animation. So far so good. Last week was a tough one though trying to get through modeling and how it works. I started in blender and after about an hour of the students being confused and not quite getting it I had them move over and try wings3d and they seemed to get it a bit easier. Notthing against blenders modeling capabilities... just an observation of how my class dealt the two. And they are completely new to 3D. Well.. This next class we will be going over their modeling projects and see how they did... find out what they didn't understand and what they did. Then we jump into lighting. There is the url to the piece I wrote on lighting. I saw that there isn't anything in the documentation project on lighting yet. I'd be willing to rewrite the content I've made and expand it to be documentation 'like'. Though that would have to wait till I have more time to devote to it... Well.. Anyways... Looking forward to 2.26!!! Good work to all the developers working away on it!

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