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Glow Node

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Feature Request :Questions:

Is this possible or usefull to have in Blenders New "Node-Compositor Editor" also a Glow -Node?

I mean a Glow Node exactly the same like the one in the Sequencer Editor already Exists with the same Functions and buttons!

I know you can make in Node Editor a Glow fx with some tricky Node compinations like some Glowfx´s i see from Elephants Dream Blend files (in the Compositor)!
or use the one from Sequencer Editor!Simple

are the Results the same...i mean the tricky one in the Compositor Node Editor and the Sequencer Glow FX.???

I have another Crazy Question:
Why the Textures Chanels in (F6) Texture Buttons not have Number Indicators 1-10 in front of each Chanel??

ant the last one Question:
Is this possible to make the Strands Window to stay and not close after you make some changes?
Is the Problem a Code Specific because Rendering in the Preview Strands Window must be done in Process..........sorry for my English i hope you understand!!!!

Do you think it would be Usefull or not for all this?

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