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Post by alvarocmc » Fri Feb 21, 2003 9:51 am

Hello everybody.

I am a RH 8.0 linux user. I have a voodoo3 2000 video card, and I use DRI Xserver from CVS. I do not use the X server shipped with redhat because it usually does not work for me and 3D acceleration.

With a fresh installation of redhat, blender works fine, but after compiling the xserver, when i launch blender i got the blender logo messed up. Then, if I move the mouse over a button (any button or menu) the text dissapears. If I press space, i got the menu and a lot of diagonal lines across the 3D viewport instead of text. And finally, if I press any button, the render button for example, all the 3D viewport get messed up, and parts of the interface get different random colors.

I am compiling the program to see if that helps, but if someone know what can be do to solve the problem please tellme.

I will post another message to say if the home-compiled program works well or not.


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