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Missing Tubecleaner files on CDROM

Page 80, paragraph 4

“It is most likely that we need to adjust or fine tune the controls later in the game, this is a iterative process which need some experience. ”

Or on CD: /Source/Pumpkin/Pumpkin.html

Page 81, last paragraph

Wrong reference “Logic Brics…” (yes with typo) should point to “Difference between a lit and unlit pumkin” on page 82.

Page 92, paragraph 5 and 8

Paragraph 5 “dRot” should read “Rot” (leftover from older Blender version).

Paragraph 8 “dLoc” sould read “Rot” (typo and see above)

Page 196, new link for the Bitmap Font Creator

(Lets hope the link is now stable…)

Page 223 , pragraph 1


Page 226 – Examples section

MouseOverAdd.blend should be Trackball.blend

Page 229 – Examples section

RadarSensor.blend is meant to be Radar.blend

YoFrankie Tutorial Files

Files are on CD in the folder: YoFrankie/tutorialfiles/ (not in Tutorials/…)