Training program

We offer Blender training by professionals for professionals to promote Blender talent. Blender’s new Amsterdam office has a fantastic classroom – seating up to 10 students – and a large canteen and meeting space that serves as mixed zone for visitors and people that work for Blender.

We currently offer the following courses*:

Grease Pencil (5 days)
Blender’s 2D animation feature has taken off in the industry extremely well. Use it for concepts, storyboarding or making complete 2D animation films. (by Matias Mendiola)

Krita for Concept Artists (3 days)
Krita is an open source digital painting application developed for the needs of cartoonists, illustrators, and concept artists. Learn how to use Blender and Krita in your workflow to create unique concept art. This training will be provided by the internationally renowned artist and art director David Revoy.

Blender Migration Course (5 days)
For professional 3D artists who use other 3D tools, an in-depth week of training to master all fundamentals to get productive with Blender. (by Midge Sinaeve)

Blender Studio TD (5 days)
Technical training for people to support Blender artists in a studio. Includes C/C++ code and Python. (by Jeroen Bakker)

Blender VFX (3 days)
Motion tracking, masking and compositing for VFX shots. (by Sebastian Koenig)

Advanced FX with Blender (3 days)
Smoke, water, clouds, fire, explosions… This is an allround course on the more technical subjects of Blender. (by Gottfried Hoffmann)

Advanced Production Lighting (3 days)
Render management, cycles, branched path tracing… Andy Goralczyk will walk you through the secrets of lighting for animation production (by Andy Goralczyk)

Blender Crash Course (1 day)
In just one day we show people where to find the basics in Blender 2.79.

More topics
On request we can also organize training for groups around other topics such as character animation, architectural visualization, advanced modeling, Python scripting, game props  design, training in other languages (Dutch, German, Spanish). Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

How to sign up

Step 1: You sign up to the waiting list of the course you want to attend. Simply send a mail to training(at) . Questions about the course are welcome too.
Step 2: We will announce a date for the course based on interest. You will be notified about the date by e-mail when you are signed up to the waiting list.
Step 3: You register for a course after a date has been announced by mail.
Step 4: We confirm or cancel the scheduled course depending on the registrations we receive after the date was announced.

(* courses require a minimum of 5 registrations to be scheduled.)


  • One day: € 195

  • Three days: € 595

  • Five days € 995


The new Blender office is located perfectly for people arriving by public transport or car. With the metro line 52 it’s just 5 minutes to Central Station. The building is also close to the A10 highway. There is plenty of affordable parking space (10 euro for a full day).

Address: Buikslotermeerplein 161, 1025 ET Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


  • Trainers are internationally acclaimed Blender experts, classes are English spoken.
  • Class room is fully equipped with required hardware. Bring own laptop is OK too.
  • Unique benefit: Meet with the Blender crew! Students will have lunch together with the Blender studio crew. During movie productions the crew will present their weeks progress on Friday evenings.


Please contact us to tell which topics you would be interested in.