Blender Migration Course

This 5-day course aims to cover all the features Blender has to offer for experienced artists already familiar with other 3D packages.

Course Content

The course will focus on integrating Blender into your artistic workflow – or even switching over to it completely.
We compare how familiar tools from other 3D packages have a slightly different look, and look at new tools that can offer you more options for creating interesting visuals.

Day 1: Blender UI and tools overview
The first day is all about where to find the tools you’ll be working with, and all the capabilities Blender has to offer in general. We have a brief look at Blender’s UI and start customizing things to the way you’re used to working.

Day 2: Modeling and Sculpting
We’ll look at several different workflows for modeling in Blender. From subdivision modeling, to building up your models quickly with modifiers. Even sculpting and retopology are covered so you have an overview of the complete modeling toolkit available to you in Blender.

Day 3: Animation
Just like with other 3D applications, Blender offers many ways to animate and rig pretty much anything. From basic rigs to using data to drive your animation, this day is all about making things move.

Day 4: Particles, Dynamics and Simulation Tools
There’s a wide array of VFX tools built-in that can be used to create interesting effects without resorting to external plugins or applications. We cover all of the main ones such as Rigid Bodies, Cloth, Fire & Smoke, Water and Particle Systems.

Day 5: Materials, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing
The Cycles renderer allows for CPU or GPU based rendering similar to what you might be used to with other renderers. This portion of the course wraps up everything with a session that’s dedicated to making things look great. An overview of the complete pipeline-in-a-box experience that Blender has to offer for creating stunning final frames.

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5-day course
€995 + VAT (€208.95)

Mon, 23 Mar Fri, 27 Mar (5 days)
The Mantissa

Midge Sinnaeve

“My name is Midge and I love everything CG, VFX, Motion Graphics & Film.
Since the start of my career in CG I’ve been focused on shading, lighting, rendering, compositing and vfx.”

Midge has worked in multiple studios in Belgium on motion pictures, archviz, vfx and motion graphics.

He is versed in both open and closed source software and can advise studios and other professionals about some of the options they have when it comes to both sides. If you’re a studio looking to make the switch switch to Blender, he is your man.

Midge on Blender Network.