Grease Pencil Fundamentals

This 5-day course is meant for artists who already have some experience in the art and craft of drawing, storyboarding or 2D animation. During the training we will not further develop those skills. The training requires a minimal experience using Blender 2.8 as a 3D tool and some drawing skills.

Course contents

During the course we will get to know the Grease Pencil tools as a simple way of applying your 2D skills and workflows within a 3D environment like Blender. We will explore the use of Grease Pencil through the entire 2D animation production pipeline: Design, story-boarding, scene layout, 2D animation and VFX. Technical demonstrations and short exercise assignment will complement the Grease Pencil Fundamentals program.

The following topics will be covered:

The new Grease Pencil Object

  • UI and 2D animation template
  • Drawing in the 3D space (Draw mode)
  • Working with 2D Layers
  • Setting and using Brushes
  • Setting and using Materials
  • Drawing edition (Edit Mode and Sculpt mode)
  • Using Modifiers and FX
  • Working with Grease pencil and 3D objects
  • Render Grease pencil with Eevee and Cycles

Grease Pencil drawing workflow

  • Concept art
  • Character design

Grease Pencil Storyboarding workflow

  • Rough Thumbnails
  • Layout scenes
  • Animatic: Using the timeline, dope sheet and camera
  • Basic edition
  • Working with sound and captio

Grease Pencil 2D animation workflow

  • Layout scene for animation
  • Rough animation
  • Using Onion skin
  • Adjust animation timing with the dope sheet
  • Using multiframe edition
  • Cleanup animation
  • Cutout Animation basics


This course is currently unscheduled. Get in touch and we will notify you about the next date!

5-day course
€995 + VAT (€208.95)

Date to be defined.

Matias Mendiola

“After having worked with other comercial 3D softwares, Since 2008 I’ve adopted Blender as my main 3D tool and since then I’ve never looked back.”

Matias is a freelance illustrator and 3D generalist with a degree in graphic design. He is an active member of the Grease Pencil team. Since 2014, they have been working to convert the tool into a new Blender object fully integrated in the 3D environment.

Matias has his own studio mendiobox and has been working for companies and particular clients around the world for almost 20 years now. For the Blender Institute Matias worked as Storyboard Artist for “Cosmos Laundromat”, “Caminandes – Llamigos” and “Agent 327 – Operation Barbershop” and also as Character designer for the Vincent Character.