by Sebastian Koenig,

This three day course is for experienced artists who already know their basics in Blender. In  three days Sebastian will cover the main topics to get the most of Blender’s VFX features.The “invisible VFX” training focuses on: Set Extension, Retouching and Integration.

Techniques being covered:

1. Tracking (optionally)
Tracking basics
Tracking Settings

2. Advanced Tracking
Tracking difficult footage
Solving difficult shots
Object Tracking

3. Cleanup
Camera Projection
Creating cleanplates in Blender

4. Rendering for VFX
Shadow Catcher

5. Masking
Animated masks to Blend CG with footage

6. Renderlayers
Blend Modes
Integrating CG models into footage

7. Workflow (optionally)
VFX Pipeline for collaboration


  • This date will be confirmed depending on registrations
  • Date will be final latest 4 weeks before a training starts. (5 subscribers minimal)
  • Courses are daily from 10:00 to 16:30h.
  • Classroom and assistance is available from 9:00 to 18:00h.

Costs: € 950 (including tax)

  • Including three days of lunch and all the coffee/tea/soda/cookies you can find in Blender Institute
  • Meet with the Blender crew! Includes guest lectures by crew members.
  • On request we assist finding an affordable hotel nearby.
  • Price is including  21% VAT.
  • Printed certificate at end of the course.

Sign up today!

This course is open for registrations until 27.01.2019. To register please send a mail to training(at) .



The new Blender office is located perfectly for people arriving by public transport or car. With the new metro line it’s just 5 minutes to Central Station. The building is also close to the A10 highway. There is plenty of affordable parking space (10 euro for a full day).

Address: Buikslotermeerplein 161, 1025 ET Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Class room equipment

Each student gets a well prepared Linux workstation with 27″ monitor. We recommend you to bring your own laptop with private files or footage. If you wish you can use the laptop for the course days as well.

Terms and conditions

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. However, courses are commercial ventures in which Blender Institute invested quite a lot to make this possible. For that reason we have a well defined refund policy. Our standard terms and conditions can be downloaded here.