Invisible VFX

This three day course is for experienced artists who already know their basics in Blender.

Course content

In three days Sebastian will cover the main topics to get the most of Blender’s VFX features. The “invisible VFX” training focuses on: Set Extension, Retouching and Integration.

Techniques being covered:

1. Tracking (optionally)
Tracking basics
Tracking Settings

2. Advanced Tracking
Tracking difficult footage
Solving difficult shots
Object Tracking

3. Cleanup
Camera Projection
Creating cleanplates in Blender

4. Rendering for VFX
Shadow Catcher

5. Masking
Animated masks to Blend CG with footage

6. Renderlayers
Blend Modes
Integrating CG models into footage

7. Workflow (optionally)
VFX Pipeline for collaboration

Open for Registration!

Contact us to make a reservation. As soon as we have collected 5 reservations, we will reach out to you to confirm the date.

Part of our Summer Schedule!
€595 + VAT (€124.95)

Mon, 29 Jul Wed, 31 Jul (3 days)
Tears of Steel

Sebastian K├Ânig

Sebastian is a 3D and VFX artist with a degree in art education. In 2014 he co-started the VFX and 3D Studio blendFX in Leipzig. There he is the lead 3D artist and technical director and responsible for the render pipeline.

Sebastian is familiar with a wide range of general 3D work including animation, VFX, project management and technical directing.

At the Blender Instiute he has worked as a VFX supervisor, matchmover and compositing artist for the Open Movie “Tears of Steel”.

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