Krita for Concept Artists

This 3-day course is for illustration artists who want to integrate 3D modeling skills and 2D digital painting skills into their workflow. We will learn how to use Krita and Blender to create unique pre-production character designs and concept art for 3D animation.

by David Revoy

Course contents

The 3-day course at the Blender Institute covers the following topics:

Day 1: Finding the character
We begin by creating a collection of speedpainting illustrations for our 3D animation character.

  • speed-painting techniques
  • creating variations and development
  • anatomy for 3D characters

Day 2: Fleshing out the character
We choose a design and start to refine our character using Krita and Blender.

  • character personality poses (anatomical study)
  • expression sheet
  • coloring
  • Shading and lighting

Day 3: Model Sheets
We will create a template for 3D modeling and learn how to use it in order to provide visual information for 3D modeling and rigging artists.

  • model sheet
  • construction notes: interaction of body and hair, clothes, fur, gears, props, abilities, etc.


This course is currently unscheduled. Get in touch and we will notify you about the next date!

3-day course
€595 + VAT (€124.95)

Date to be defined.

David Revoy

“I have a bachelor’s degree in design/art, but most of my artistic education came from self-training. That’s why I prefer to consider myself a self-taught artist.”

David is a French 2D illustrator and he has more than 10 years of experience as a freelancer. He works remotely from his home-studio for book or board-games publishers and digital media publishing firms from all around the world.

At Blender he has been Art Director for the short movie “Sintel”. He worked on the concept art and storyboard of the VFX short “Tears of Steel” and the animation short “Spring”