Developer community coordinator

Blender’s paid staff is growing rapidly, but development will remain structured as an online community project. We all work in the public, as peers among others who contribute to Blender. These include volunteers and developers from tech companies, studios and universities. In order to ensure that all contributions are as effective as possible, we’re looking for a full-time Developer Community Coordinator.

The Developer Community Coordinator will aid the entire community in recruiting, welcoming, developing, and retaining contributors. He or she will track contribution patterns, help eliminate gaps in processes or documentation, and work with other coordinators and team leaders to achieve a a pleasant and efficient collaboration.

The Developer Community Coordinator will work along the Development Coordinator in Blender’s HQ in Amsterdam, whom’s first responsibility is to coordinate the paid staff and projects in Blender Institute, Amsterdam. He or she will also work with with the Blender DevOps Engineer to analyze existing tools and processes, looking for opportunities to make contributions easier and more effective.

The Developer Community Coordinator should be a social person who can work with everyone across the organization.

Remote work

This position is available for remote work. Because of the current team composition we prefer a person to reside in the America’s timezone.


  • On-boarding: collaborate with development teams to provide an effective process for new contributors.
  • Track contributions and contributors across engineering efforts, make sure everyone knows what they need to know.
  • Maintain and manage the Blender developer websites (wiki*, developer*, docs*, devtalk*, lists*, code*).
  • Identify contribution roadblocks, specifically by corporations, drive changes in community process to resolve them.
  • Coordinate the annual Google Summer of Code.
  • Develop tools and programs to better highlight and reward community contributions and contributors.
  • Consider and enact new ways of reaching talented programmers who are not yet part of the community.
  • Encourage contribution in social media and blogs.


  • Track record of volunteer/open source community management experience.
  • Strong communication and writing skills and desire to plan, discuss, and solicit feedback in the open.
  • Ability to think, plan and execute resourcefully, with minimal supervision.
  • Strong knowledge and passion about Blender and open source.
  • Practical experience with C, C++, Python.

How to apply

Send an email with your motivation to We look forward to hearing from you!