Blender is looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer, that in alignment with Blender’s core values, is motivated to work with developers to make the Blender project as a whole more efficient. This is a solution-oriented job!

Solving problems involves making changes across the web infrastructure, CI system and Blender build system.


  • Work together with the developers, making development process more efficient
  • Maintain and improve CI/CD pipeline software, for Blender and dozens of other web applications
  • Maintain and improve CI/CD VMs and hardware

Tasks breakdown, as an example of what the role involves maintaining and improving the development infrastructure, including:

  • Blender build system, tests, linting (together with developers)
  • Release builds, code signing, and store publishing
  • Provisioning of build worker machines
  • Buildbot, Gitea, Weblate

Specific areas we are looking to improve are:

  • Add CI for pull requests (with isolation for security)
  • Expand CI to:
    • web infrastructure (, etc)
    • pipeline tools (flamenco)
    • opendata
  • Automate more of the release process
  • Automate process of updating translations
  • Expand tests to include GPU, performance, and production files
  • Make library dependency updates more efficient
  • Refactor CI implementation to make it easier to expand
    • Possibly look into action-like definition
  • Reduce build and tests times
  • Improve bug reporting and triaging process
    • In terms of working on automation scripts (data extraction, …)

Position Benefits

  • Salary ranges from EUR 58K – 80k annually – depending on experience.
  • One year contract with 3 months probationary period. After that indefinite contract.
  • Help with permits and finding an apartment in Amsterdam.
  • For remote positions we use payrolling services.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Flexible holidays: we expect you to take a minimum of 4 weeks off, plus national holidays. More time off is OK.

If you are interested in the position, please send an email to [email protected], outlining your experience and briefly sharing your impressions on the status of Blender’s DevOps.