Blender is looking for a senior rendering software engineer to help improve and maintain the Cycles path tracing renderer, and the overall Blender rendering workflow.

In this role you will be working directly along the Rendering Module lead Brecht Van Lommel. Together you will shape the future of Blender rendering, but the team first needs someone who can actively contribute to day-to-day tasks such as reviewing patches and investigating reported issues.

  • Must be proficient in C++ and familiar with one or more GPU compute or graphics APIs.
  • Must have knowledge of rendering algorithms, particularly physically based rendering and ray-tracing.
  • Implement new features, optimizations, and workflow improvements. Refactor, fix bugs, review, and document code.
  • Work is remote or in Amsterdam HQ, collaborating with both Blender Foundation/Institute developers and contributors on the Blender open-source project.
  • Collaborate with artists and technical users to find effective and user-friendly solutions.
  • Freedom to choose working hours and development environment. And to initiate projects and help shape the software roadmap.

Salary level is at senior developer grade, plus 8% holiday compensation and a flexible holiday schedule (minimum of 4 weeks a year).

Send a CV and motivation email to We will reply within a day.