Name Language Description
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.13.07 Blender Stack Exchange English Blender Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who use Blender to create 3D graphics, animations, or games. It’s 100% free, no registration required.
Logo-Graphicall GraphicAll English Blender (and open source) builds by users and developers from the community. Great for testing and sharing experimental features.
blender_tutor_thumbnail Blender Tutor English Blender Tutor offers In-Depth Blender Training by providing video & written tutorials, as well as providing source files.
Logo-Annex2Nothing Annex2Nothing English Blender tutorial site presented by a professional Games Artist and 3D generalist.
Features an introductory series to Blender aimed at previous Maya users to help convert to Blender.Explore projects such as game asset and environment creation, music video creation and short film.
Logo-CGMasters CG Masters English CG Masters is a training platform for everything Blender. We offer high quality and large-scale training DVDs as well as many free video tutorials on all topics.
Logo-BlenderGeek Blender Geek English Blender Geek is dedicated to creating quality Blender tutorials for the Blender community.
Logo-BlenderMagician Blender Magician English Blender Magician is a site dedicated to delivering quality help and tutorials to anyone learning 3d.
Logo-BlenderDiplom Blender Diplom English BlenderDiplom is a Blender tutorial and support site run by Gottfried Hofmann and Frederik Steinmetz. The focus is on motion graphics and VFX and the tutorials are available both in English and German language.
Logo-HintingBlender Hinting Blender English This site is where you can find tutorials or ways to fix problems no one else have addressed before. Coming from Blender or related to windows or Linux, you can be sure you’ll find the answer you were looking for.
Logo-AdaptiveSamples Adaptive Samples English This is a blog about rendering in general, but mostly about Blender’s awesome render engine, Cycles. Here you will find everything from material tips and tricks to docs and demos of new features as they are committed.
Logo-CGBoomer CGBoomer English CGBoomer is a Blender 3D related website. Which uses videos and articles to show the progress of learning 3D modeling using Blender.
Logo-BlenderGuru Blender Guru English Quality Blender Tutorials, Articles, Blender Educational Material & 3D discussions topics.
Logo-PlanetBlender Planet Blender English Planet Blender is a doorway to blogs related to Blender or by Blender users. Over 180 different feeds are registered, and growing.
Logo-BlenderTuts Blender Tuts English Blendtuts is a website with video tutorials, information, and the latest news on Blender
Logo-BlenderTime BlenderTime English Free Tutorials and 3d models for Blender. Videotutorials in both English and Spanish. Everything is distributed under a creative commons license.
Blender Facebook Group English Active Blender Facebook Group
Logo-Metalix Metalix English is a free video training resource for CGI. for blender, photoshop, and web development.
Logo-BlenderArtists Blender Artists English One of the most active independent user sites, with excellent forums for support. (Previously
Logo-BlenderNation Blender Nation English An overview of everything Blender: development updates, new tutorials, artwork and community information. Updated daily.
Logo-BlendSwap Blendswap English Quality user submitted 3D models, by the Blender community for the Blender community.
Logo-BlenderCGTalk CGTalk Blender Forum English CGTalk is one of the premier forums for creative computer graphics professionals and practitioners to share ideas and contribute.
Logo-BlenderCookie Blender Cookie English Blender Cookie streams high resolution video tutorials, offers exclusive training bundles, source downloads, written tutorials and more.
Logo-DarkScarab Dark Scarab English Dark Scarab is a website containing tutorials and a forum (with a chatbox) and gives the ability for users to teach each other by posting their tutorials on the site.
Logo-BitsOfBlender Bits of Blender English “Bits of Blender” is a series of casual tutorials done as a reference for a variety of Blender features.
Logo-GameBlender Game Blender English Community for users of the Blender Game Engine. Forums for the GameBlender Community.
Game Demos, Tutorials, Textures, Free Models, and more available for browsing/download from
Logo-3DSynthesis 3D Synthesis English 3D works made with Blender, tutorials, downloadable movies made with Blender, 2D works and watercolour.
Logo-BlenderKopilot Kopilot – Helpfulcasting – Blender tutoriel HD en francais French Dedicated to Blender education with a strong wish of becoming better 3D artists :)KOPILOT shares video tutorials and project resources such as blend files, textures, reference images, etc. You will also find some Blender news and articles, just to let you know that you are not alone, we are passionate about CG.
Logo-TheBlenderClan The Blender Clan French The Blender Clan is the main French-speaking blender community website. There are news, forums, galleries, downloads, links, tutorials, polls, a chat etc…Bienvenue !! ;-)
Logo-BlenderDocFR Blender Documentation FR French This Internet site is at the same time a place of documentation and a workspace for the translation of the Handbook of Blender.
Logo-DynamiqueBlender Dynamique Blender French Dynamique Blender est un point de rencontre et d’aide soit sur le Forum ou sur le chat, actif tous les soirs, il sont à votre disposition, pour vous aider.Vous y trouverez des tutorials, des objets, des Maps d’environement etc..
En libre télechargement.
Logo-3DSynthesis 3D Synthesis French 3D works made with Blender, tutorials, downloadable movies made with Blender, 2D works and watercolour.
Logo-ZooBlender Zoo Blender French Web site of the oldest French community. French French community website, covering Blender news & tutorials. With blogging, and forums for French speakers.
Logo-SantiagoShang Santiago Shang Blender en Español Spanish Tutoriales de Blender para principiantes en Español.
Logo-BlenderCAT BlenderCAT Spanish & Catalan BlenderCat is an association dedicated to Blender located in Catalunya, where you can obtain information on courses and events related to Blender training.You can also find training resources, such as magazines and tutorials, submit its proposal or project, in addition to requesting personal or group training. BlenderCat is in contact with many professionals of Blender in Spain, supports and promotes all kinds of training in Blender.
Logo-BlenderPeru Blender Peru Spanish Blender Tutorials and video for Peruvians
Logo-Blenderizada Blenderizada Spanish Aprendiendo diseño 3D con Blender: Recursos, tutoriales, atajos de teclado, texturas…Learning 3D design with Blender: resources, tutorials, quick tricks, short keys, textures…
Logo-BlenderES BlenderES Spanish BlenderES es una pagina web originalmente creada para ofrecer a todas las personas que hablan español la posibilidad de tener un gran basto material(Tutoriales en ingles convertidos al español) para aprender Blender sin la necesidad de poder hablar ingles como segundo idioma.
Logo-CGStudiosBlender CG Studios Blender Spanish CG Studios Blender is focus to bring Blender to peopple who speak spanish so they can learn and start creating. We have tutorials, 3D models and textures. Every week something new.
Logo-BlenderTime BlenderTime Spanish Free Tutorials and 3d models for Blender. Videotutorials in both English and Spanish. Everything is distributed under a creative commons license.
Logo-esBlenderBW esBlender Spanish Foro dedicado a la comunidad hispanoparlante de Blender. Esperamos servir como otro punto de reunión para los usuarios de Blender que hablan español y contribuir a difundir el uso de este maravilloso software.New blender forum dedicate to the Blender´s Spanish talking community. We hope to serve as another point of reunion to the Spanish speaking Blender users and help to spread the use of this wonderful software.
Logo-Niel Niel Spanish Niel es un portal que busca unificar a la comunidad de Blender en español.Niel ofrece enlaces a los sitios donde la comunidad blender extendera
sus raíces,
noticias de los acontecimientos de las comunidades nacientes, foro
completo y rápido,
un sistema de mensajería instantanea ,acceso al IRC y más…
Logo-GBlender G-Blender Spanish Comunidad de Blender 3D en Español!, dedicada a usuarios de Blender 3D, creado bajo la filosofia OpenSorce, para que los usuarios puedan compartir sus experiencias en el fascinante mundo del 3D.- Foros
– Tutoriles
– Descargas
– Galerias
Logo-BlenderDesh Blender Desh Bangladesh “Blender Desh” is the first Free tutorial website in Bangla language for the people of Bangladesh and all over the world who want to learn Blender in their mother language. We are creating Quality video tutorial of Blender completely in Bangla and trying to let the people of our country know about the Power of Blender as a 3d content creation tool.
Logo-AgenZesBrothers AgenZasBrothers German We are a small vfx and film company in Germany, and besides our commercial work we provide a lot free blender video tutorials.
Logo-Blenderholiker German Blender Google Plus Community (Blenderholiker) German Eine Community fuer Leute die gerne mit Blender 3D arbeiten oder einfach schoene Render Ergebnisse sehen wollen.
Logo-BlenderClub Blender Club German Free and quality Blender-tutorials by students for students.
Logo-BlenderDiplom Blender Diplom German BlenderDiplom is a Blender tutorial and support site run by Gottfried Hofmann and Frederik Steinmetz. The focus is on motion graphics and VFX and the tutorials are available both in English and German language.
Logo-BlenderPolisDe Blend.Polis German German Blender user group with forums, tutorials, gallery and downloads.
Logo-BlenderGR Blender GR Greek Blendergr is the greek community website of Blender. You can find Greek Video Tutorials from users and universities, users photo-video gallery, google hangouts, forum, blender event-workshop calendar, blender related news, competitions and much much more.
Logo-BlenderGoodiesCafe Blender Goodies Cafe Turkish Quality Turkish Blender tutorials, articles, interviews and educational materials.
Logo-BlenderTurkishForum Blender Turkish Forum Turkish The Blender Turkish User Group Forum. For all things Blender, tutorials, galleries, support, in Turkish.
Logo-BlenderMania Blender Mania Farsi Blender video tutorials in Farsi
Logo-Blender3DIran Blender 3D Iran Farsi We are trying to introduce the power of the Web to Blender users and the public education system in Iran
Logo-BlenderIndonesia Blender Indonesia Indonesian Blender community forum in Indonesia for news, tutorial, animation project, gallery, and Q & A forum.
Logo-BlenderPT Blender PT Portuguese Forum for the Portuguese Blender community to get in touch, show their works and get help.
Logo-PolskiKursBlendera Polski Kurs Blendera Polish Największa polska strona z poradnikami Blendera, wszystko darmowe, brak reklam. Zapraszamy!The biggest polish site with Blender tutorials, all free, no ads. Welcome!
Logo-Blenderownia Blenderownia Polish Polish Blender site with news, forums and downloads.
Logo-Troman Troman Polish Polish Blender site with news, forums and downloads.
Logo-DutchBlenderCommunity Dutch Blender Community Dutch Dutch: De Dutch Blender Community site probeert nederlandse blender gebruikers bij elkaar te brengen. Op het forum zijn handeleidingen te vinden in hulp bij het gebruik van Blender.English: The Dutch Blender Community Site tries to gather the Dutch Blender user. You can find tutorials and help on the forum for the use of Blender.
Logo-BlenderIsrael Blender Israel Hebrew The Israeli Blender site with news, forum and a user gallery.
The purpose of the site is to spread the word, unite the community and promote Blender in the 3D industry of Israel
Logo-BulgarianBlenderCommunity Bulgarian Blender Community Bulgarian A meeting point of Bulgarian Blenderheads with tutorials, gallery and forum.
Logo-Redbaron85 rebaron85 Italian Italian user site with tutorials, articles, video tutorials, forum, newsletter, textures, 3D models and programming tips & tricks.
Logo-BlenderIT Blender Italia Italian Italian user site with articles, support forums, galleries and much more.
Logo-ThaiBlenderWiki Thai Blender Wiki Thai A Thai language Wiki site for users and developers with forums, tutorials and documentation.
Logo-BlenderFI Finnish is the Finnish community site. It provides a wiki, forums and member galleries. Several competitions are organised within the community. Join also our IRC channel on Freenode! Tervetuloa vaan.
blenderget_logo BlenderGet Chinese Chinese Blender User website, wiki, chinese Blender documents, chinese Blender UI, and other projects.
Logo-BlenderUkrainian Blender Ukrainian Community Russian Ukrainian website in Russian language. News, articles, tutorials, e-books (including Blender v.2.42a, Rus), forum, monthly competition
Logo-BlenderRussianDocumentation Blender Russian Documentation Project Russian Non-official wikipedia documentation in Russian. You can find documentation in Russian or help to translate more documents.
Logo-BlenderJP Japanese Japanese user site with all the latest Blender news and content translated into Japanese. And this site also has Japanese forums, artworks, word dictionary, other contents by users.
Logo-IITBOMBAY Blender India Hindi and other Indian languages Tutorials for Hindi and other Indian languages – Basic tutorials created by Spoken Tutorial and OSCAR projects at IIT Bombay, India.