Official Logo

The logo with the white “socket” background is designed for websites with dark or busy backgrounds to keep it readable. The plain logo is for clean white backgrounds.


Acceptable variations

On darker backgrounds, you may make the text white and remove the white “socket”. (The white area between the center blue dot and the orange ring must remain white.)


Desktop icons

To match the styling of desktops, several variations of the logo are in use. For icon usage, the logo shape has to remain correct and recognizable. Here are two examples of correct desktop icons.


Bad Logos

Other designers have tried to make their own versions. The following examples have severe shape deformation issues:


  • The first designer forgot to add the subtle “backward leaning” perspective in the logo, the three ‘fingers’ of the logo have to be of different width.
  • The other designers thought it would be fun to make the logo in 3D. This makes it hard to recognize. The logo should be kept in graphical 2D.

Blender logo usage guidelines

Blender is a registered trademark (®) of the Blender Foundation in EU and USA. The Blender logo itself is a property of the Blender Foundation. The logo and the brand name “Blender” are not part of the GNU GPL, and can only be used commercially by the Blender Foundation on products, websites, and publications.

Under the following conditions, third parties may use the Blender logo as well:

  1. The logo can only be used to point to the product Blender. When used with a link on a web page, it should point to the URL
  2. You will visualize and promote your own branding more prominent than you use the Blender logo. The Blender logo only can be used as a secondary brand, which means it has to be clear for an average viewer that this is not an official Blender or Blender Foundation website, publication or product.
  3. You can use the Blender logo on promotion products, such as T-shirts or caps or trade show booths, provided it is a secondary brand as described in point 2.
  4. The logo is used unaltered, without fancy enhancements, in original colors, original typography, and always complete (logo + text blender).
  5. In case you use the logo on products you sell commercially, you always have to contact us with a picture of how it will be used, and ask for explicit permission.

If you have further questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Usage in artwork and community websites

Blender’s logo has been used in hundreds of ways. This was — and still is — considered to be an honest tribute to Blender, and the guidelines are not meant to make these uses “illegal” or “officially disapproved”. This page is only meant to clarify the Blender Foundation guidelines so that people know their minimum rights and where they can use the logo.

Modifying the Blender logo is really part of your own artistic freedom, and the Blender Foundation will never act against such tributes. Just don’t expect us to “officially approve” of it, that’s all.


Ton Roosendaal, Chairman of the Blender Foundation

Amsterdam, March 2009