Embrace the Past

Your old files are safe. Every Blender release will always be available for download.
Daniel Martinez Lara

Source Code

The source for all versions is available through repositories, which include the full history of commits and tags for each version.

Source archives for each release are also available. Check this page for interesting source code from the past. Containing old Blender versions as well as in-house software from the company that developed Blender; Dutch studio NeoGeo.

Blender 2.7

Blender took a big step in version 2.80, bringing amazing features but also breaking compatibility with certain hardware and features. It’s always recommended to use the latest stable release (4.1.1), but if you still need Blender 2.7 you can always get the official Blender 2.79b release.

You can also download the experimental nightly build from July 2019 which basically looks like 2.7 plus additional bug fixes and some new features that later became part of 2.80.