Blender is being made by hundreds of contributors from around the world; by studios and individual artists, professionals and hobbyists, scientists and students, VFX experts and animators, and so on. All of them are united by the desire to have access to a fully free/open source 3D creation pipeline.

The Blender Foundation supports and facilitates these goals. Using donations and the Blender Institute/Studio projects we can enable a handful of people to work full-time on Blender. For the rest we depend on volunteers from the online community to achieve this goal. More help is always welcome!


Volunteers and professionals alike contribute to the official Blender release. This include developers, technical artists and documenters, translators, designers and users testing the software to provide feedback.

Read on to find out how to get involved, report bugs, see what’s happening, and discover resources and documentation.


A large number of people are helping with the Blender Manual to organize and write our complete and freely available end-user documentation.

Volunteers interested in documentation translations can contact the team as well.

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Blender’s user interface and user manual are translated by the community into several languages, if you are interested in getting involved please reach out via the #translations chat channel.

Read the translations platform announcement on


Join to get involved in coordinating knowledge in this area and sharing experiences. Everyone interested in this topic is welcome to join!

Donations and Sponsors

The Blender Foundation is an independent public-benefit corporation, to facilitate the open source Blender projects. Individuals or companies interested in supporting this financially can contact the foundation or visit the donations page.

We also run the Blender Store where all kinds of goodies are sold. The profits are used to cover Blender Foundation expenses and support Blender Institute projects.


People who would like to help with building the websites around the Blender project, are invited to check out