Blender HQ – Amsterdam

A team of passionate developers, artists and designer works full time on the Blender project. This is possible thanks to the Blender Development Fund, the Blender Cloud projects and countless community initiatives.

Andy Goralczyk

Art Director · Blender Studio

Anja Vugts-Verstappen

Financial Manager

Anna Sirota

Backend Developer

Bastien Montagne

Blender Developer

Bram Kranendonk

Operations Manager

Brecht Van Lommel

Principal Engineer

Christian Bunyan

Head of Copy

Dalai Felinto

Blender Development Coordinator

Demeter Dzadik

Character TD · Blender Studio

Francesco Siddi

General Manager · Blender Studio

Hjalti Hjálmarsson

Animation Director · Blender Studio

Jeroen Bakker

Blender Developer

Julian Eisel

Blender Developer

Julien Kaspar

3D Artist · Blender Studio

Michael Newbon

Web Design

Pablo Fournier

Animator · Blender Studio

Pablo Vazquez

Head of Design and Communication

Rik Schutte

Lead Animator · Blender Studio

Sebastian Parborg

Blender Developer

Sergey Sharybin

Principal Engineer

Simon Thommes

3D Artist · Blender Studio

Sybren Stüvel

Blender Developer

Ton Roosendaal


Online Team

From Australia to Canada, the Blender team is also spread all over the world.

Aaron Carlisle


Campbell Barton

Blender Developer

Clément Foucault

Blender Developer

Dan McGrath

System Administrator

Germano Cavalcante

Bug Triager

Hans Goudey

Blender Developer

Jacques Lucke

Blender Developer

Pablo Dobarro

Blender Developer

Philipp Oeser

Bug triaging Coordinator

Richard Antalík

Blender Developer

Thomas Dinges

Developer Community Coordinator

Blender Release Contributors

Blender releases and possible thanks to the contribution of hundreds of individuals. From fixing a bug to improving the documentation of a feature, this community of actively involved contributors is key to Blender’s success. Read more.

Blender Community

Countless communities and thriving businesses are built around Blender. Together, these tutorial makers and content creators, add-on developers and global marketplaces form an ever-expanding ecosystem. Read more.