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Currently there are no job openings, but you are always welcome to send a speculative application at [email protected]. Applicants to Blender jobs will get a reply whether we take the application further. 

About Blender

Blender is a unique organization, with a mix of creativity and 3D technology at its core. The goal of Blender is to produce cutting-edge content and tools and share them with the worldwide community of makers, creators and developers.

Blender is a work of passion. We do this with great satisfaction because it has meaning for many people all over the world. It’s a special treat to work for a project that is highly appreciated by top industry professionals as well as by hobbyists. It’s a very special treat to work for a company that has no sales department or investors. And it’s especially a treat to work on Free Software, on a public open source project which has a strong connection with an amazing community of online contributors.

We look for people who share this passion, with a strong motivation to turn ideas to reality. These two qualities – passion and motivation – are the key hiring factors for people in our team. More specifically, ‘motivation’ means we look at how people have turned their passion in action, in education, work or career.

The Blender organization is very lean. There is just the bare minimum of HR and operations. We avoid implementing management overhead and other common corporate structures. We “manage by talent”; we expect everyone here to be agile and self-sufficient. 

For new people to be a good fit here, we expect them to be real go-getters. We all strive for excellence, but we rather get things done. Excellence is a vector, not a position. We look forward to adding team players who love to work with other highly effective people. Bring in something extra, add value in areas we wish to improve.

Thanks for considering a job at Blender!

Life at Blender

We’re a small and very international team based in Amsterdam, one of the most liveable places in the world. The city has liberal and relaxed culture, is bicycle friendly and offers many many cultural and entertainment opportunities!

Life at Blender
Lunch time at the studio
Life at Blender
Cinema screening of the Spring Open Movie, with the team, family and friends.
Life at BlenderWeekly kickoff at the old studio, during the production of Agent 327: Operation Barbershop
Hanging pictures in the concept art “gallery”
The Amsterdam team in front of the new office
Blender ConferenceBlender Conference 2018 dinner party

Video Impressions

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