Blender Splash Screens

Blender 2.78 - Procedural

By Juri Unt (

The main goal of the scene is to demonstrate a nondestructive and nonlinear workflow using mainly modifiers.

Blender 2.77 - Racing Car

By Pokedstudio. (CC-BY-SA, 20 MB).
Note: actual splash was post-processed with Depth of Field.

Blender 2.74 - Fishy Cat

Fishy Cat, by Manu Jarvinen (

(CC0, 32 MB)

Cycles demos

Car Demo

The popular BMW demo by Mike Pan. (CC0, 3 MB)

2.74 Demo Files

A collection of simple files with examples of Cycles renders. (CC0, 21 MB)

Class room

By Christophe Seux, maker of short film “Deconcerto”. (CC0, 72 MB)

Barcelona Pavillion

High quality archviz demo from eMirage. (CC-BY, 24 MB)

Realtime graphics

Car Viewport

Another car demo from Mike Pan. (CC0, 7 MB)


High poly character, by Yusuf Umar. (CC0, 13 MB)

Rendering & Cartoons

Freestyle render

ATV buggy by Rylan Wrigh. (CC BY, I MB)