Blender 4.1 Release

Blender Foundation and the online developers community are proud to present Blender 4.1!

Blender 4.1 Splash by Lynxsdesign
Blender 4.1 Splash by Lynxsdesign

What’s New

After the massive leap that was 4.0, Blender 4.1 is a solid upgrade to those looking for performance, stability, and quality of life improvements all across the board.

To highlight a few:

  • OpenImageDenoise now runs on GPU on supported hardware.
  • Cycles rendering on Linux is 5% faster.
  • All nodes in the Compositor now work in the Viewport (except Render Layer passes)
  • Compositor precision and improvements to Kuwahara and Pixelate nodes.
  • Bone Collections are now hierarchical.
  • New animation keying workflow.
  • Several improvements to Graph Editor and NLA including baking channels.
  • Video Sequencer drawing, rendering, effects, and scopes are much faster.
  • USD export of armatures and shape keys as USD skeletons and blend shapes.
  • Several user interface improvements.
  • Python upgraded to version 3.11
  • Blender 4.1 is aligned with the VFX Reference Platform 2024.
  • A new Bake node in Geometry Nodes.

Watch the video summary at

Plus so many more features and fixes, explore the release notes for an in-depth look at what’s new!

Thank you!

This work is made possible thanks to the outstanding contributions of the Blender community, and the support of the over 4800 individuals and 36 organizations contributing to the Blender Development Fund.

Happy Blending! 

The Blender Team
March 26th, 2024