Blender at Annecy 2023 Recap

A couple of weeks ago, a large delegation of the Blender team attended the Annecy Festival. The festival -and the MIFA film market- keep growing, along with the vibrant animation community. Here are some impressions from the event.

The Blender stand at the film market was always busy, with hundreds of attendees dropping by everyday to say hello and share how much Blender helped them in their personal or professional life. Blender is truly making an impact, especially in emerging markets where the first “fully local” large animated film projects are taking shape. Also, for the first time, some schools are starting to take notice of a slow industry shift towards Blender, and are planning to introduce Blender in their curricula.

Besides the film market presence, the Blender breakfast took place in a café in the old town. With over 70 attendees (some well-known community members, and some new people) this was an opportunity to share Blender project updates, network and connect.

See you next year!