How do I register for a course?

Contact us at specifying which course you would like to take, and we will tell you how to proceed.

Questions about the course are welcome too!

I am interested in an unscheduled course, what are my options?

We have a subscription list for unscheduled courses. Get in touch and we will sign you up to that list. From now on you will be notified about tentative dates. Do not forget to tell us the name of the course that you are interested in!

The course I am interested in is scheduled but unconfirmed, what can I do?

Any unconfirmed course is not yet guaranteed to take place. Whether the course will be confirmed or not depends on the total number of reservations. Contact us if you want to make a reservation for the scheduled date. The more reservations we get, the sooner we will be able to confirm the course!

I have made a reservation. When can I arrange my trip and accommodation?

We recommend to wait until your course is confirmed before you book your trip and accommodation.

When do you confirm a course?

We will confirm or cancel a course at least a full month ahead of the scheduled date. If there are enough reservations, we will confirm the date even sooner.


What kind of computers do you have?

Each student gets a well prepared Linux workstation.

Experience with Linux is not required nor needed. Minimal file management and launching of applications is the same as Windows or macOS.

Can I bring my own laptop?

Yes. We recommend to come in early on the first day of your course, so that you can set up your laptop before the course starts.


Which language are the classes in?

English is the main language for the classes.

When do lessons start and end?

Lessons start at 10:00 and end at 17:00h. At 13:00 we have a 1 hour lunch break together with the Blender staff.

Blender HQ

How do I get there?
  • Metro: Station Noord, only two stops from Centraal Station via line 52 (blue). This is the fastest way to get here.
  • Bus: Lines 36, 37, 38 stop nearby, but they take longer than the metro.
  • Car: The A10 highway passes right next to our building.

More information on Amsterdam public transport.

Google Maps link.

Is parking space available?

There is plenty of affordable parking space around the Blender HQ. Costs are around €10 for a full day.

Are there hotels nearby?

Yes. Get in touch with us and we will send you a list of affordable hotels nearby.

Is food included?

Yes. Students will have lunch together with the Blender studio crew around 13:00h. There are also plenty of cookies and snacks to have plus coffee, tea, soda.

Lunch includes vegetarian options. Please get in touch with us if you have special requirements.

Terms & Conditions

Do you have a refund policy?

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. However, courses are commercial ventures in which Blender Institute invested quite a lot to make this possible. For that reason we have a well defined refund policy. Our standard terms and conditions can be downloaded here.